Saturday, August 25, 2012

issue |ˈi sh oō|

/ an important topic or problem for debate or discussion / | the issue of global warming money is not an issue |
I just finished reading Chetan Bhagat's 'What young India wants'. The book is really thought instigating. When I just sat on my train seat, my thoughts began to question myself with the same pace I was traveling. I felt that above corruption/poverty/castism (The most discussed & expressed issues) we have to seriously consider another factor. It is the a expressed issue which we have to immediately deal with, or the immense power of the youth in our country will soon be channelized in a way against the national interests. I never knew such an issue existed unless I had to deal with it. To state a fact, I am still dealing with it.

The Incident

I am a film maker. I just know how to tell stories through visuals. I have directed around 10 films and edited over 30 in my 10 year long career. The game became more serious when I stepped out of the canvas to a broader spectrum. Enthusiastically I tried to bring one of the feature film scripts to life. All doors were closed, even to hear my script. The top 3 best reasons which I got were:-
  1.    No family background (Irrespective of film Industry)
  2.    I do not have a good financial background (They prefer money to script. These people never understand that screenplay is more important.)
  3.    My ideas on film making & implementing new marketing techniques in malayalam film industry WILL NOT WORK OUT. (???) [Considering the gentlemen who said the both, did not hear any of these from me. Looking at my face, they decided it wont work. GREAT]

My Point

The suppression of  India's youth energy by putting a cozy image of a worst, otherwise clogged system should end in all field of work. This is very important for the future of our nation. I am not writing this because I did not get an investor for my project, my premise leans towards the wastage of immense youth potential. We should recognize that it is the most powerful energy & learn how to deal with it. We should reshape our system in such a way that the people with the actual & true potential should get the actual chance. It should into be provided based on family heritage, financial background or any such reason. The first step is to accept ourselves that we are the reason for such a situation. We have only learned to wave our heads to the whims and fancy of other. It should stop or else the infection around us will tend to grow larger and deeper.


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