Friday, September 30, 2011

Self Content

I went to watch a movie today. There were two movies being played in the theatre. Do not know why! I took a ticket for the other movie and went inside the theatre. While I left the theatre today, I could feel that. A self content feeling.

adjectivein a state of peaceful happiness he seemed more content, less bitter
Sprout... While I was driving back from the theatre I had enough time to think. What is the feeling of content / self content which everyone feels? For me, watching a good movie and more than that, making a good movie gives the feeling. What in this world can give the other characters in the movie a feel of self content. Thud the thought came.
Inference... The route from theatre to home is the road through which I travel at least twice a day. Firstly our traffic policemen. They just get this feeling not when they control the traffic but it actually depends on someone else, Sun. If the day is shady, they get this feeling. Consider the street vendor. When many of us travel in air conditioned cubes and are not even closer to satisfaction after earning ten grants a day, the street vendor is happy to have a minimum of 150 in his hand after a day full of dust, dirt and heat. Parents are satisfied when their kids stay closer to them (at least the majority of them) & not by having them away studying (or at least they have to be like this). Like this I considered many people in close quarters. Through that what I could infer was that this feeling is not an out come of the things we do but actually the outcome of way we do. The feeling of self content is not just a thing which we can achieve single handedly. When the people around us also thinks like that, share our positive energy, the nature would itself deliver us this happiest feeling in the world. It is a gift.
Like, that this feeling varies to many of us. Even we live in a world where many of them around us are only self content after having a drink and beating their wives before going to sleep. Their day does not get a completion unless that.
Love,Sivaram Mony

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