Thursday, September 29, 2011

Null - Zero (an answer to laziness, lust & incompetence)

There are many things around us which are directly or indirectly related to our emotions and feelings. I found a new one in the category today. Thought, I would name it 'NULL-ZERO'.

About it...
The feeling of 'NULL-ZERO'(Which I would call as Nz from now on for the purpose of easiness). This is a feeling that can be aroused due to the unexpected but the most awaited intrusion of a depressed person from your past into your life. I feel that I invented Nz today because I had an unexpected phone call yesterday. I do not wish to reveal the person here. So I am keeping on track with defining the feeling to everyone. When such a person suddenly intrudes your life (for extremely funny purposes) it comes with a lot of emotional and lust burden. The call helped me to cherish some sweet memories but to be frank spoiled my today. Actually the feeling if Nz spoiled my day. This is because of the mechanical reason mentioned below.

While we are in the state of Nz, our mental, physical and psychological states of mind are highly different.  Today, I wanted to work more but physically I felt laziness as the phone call was still in my mind. Secondly, psychologically I was very naughty today. When I sat in front of my screenplay for the work, my mind was saying something else to me. It was very funny. Two people inside a single mind doing two different jobs like multitasking. The truth is that multitasking is a job meant for machines and not flesh and blood. We are formulated in such a way that we have to do just single job at single time if we want the work to be perfectly nice. So when two things work together inside the mind, among which we feel one is very important & your passion while the other is just a lust & waste of time and yet you allow it to be in your mind, the state of Nz arrives.

Nz actually exists in your subconscious mind. It is just a weird feeling. Your mind is ready to work, want to work but it just wont work. It would bring some truly weird day dreams to your lives. Actually Nz can be defined as an unseen force which creeps into our minds and pulls it back from pushing the engine ignition on.

Sivaram Mony

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