Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunshine in my soul

Past one month has been equivalent to cleansing my soul. I took out a huge slice of my soul away ruthlessly cutting through my flesh and veins, oozing out the blood; just because I understood that it was slowly becoming a cancer which had to be dealt with immediately. So I did it, the other part of mine didn't obstruct my decision to do it.

Life from ever since has become beautiful. I went out to the world and shed out all the energy focusing on one thing; my love and life - My works. Results were outstanding and better. I loved it. I spend more time with myself; analyzing my good and bad. Analyzing what I did with my life, what I am doing and what I am going to do. Analyzing all the people around me whom I couldn't give much attention as i was diverted to wrong person in the past. I knew I was on the way of becoming the actual me but one thing kept me away from becoming the true person inside me. Those were all those dark secrets in my mind which I had even hidden from the person with whom I had to share it in my life.

Then it began all over again in one day but in a new leaf in the booklet of life. Yes I can say it as 'Life Happened'. I met a new person with whom i became very close, very fast. We spoke, spent time together, opened our ideals, thoughts and beliefs; weighed them against each others equations. Then came the moment when we both felt that this can really work out. I could see the bunch of positivities in the person. Thus I said all the darks secrets of mine and made sure thoroughly that i had nothing else remaining in my life to say or express. Yes! It was wonderful. On a fine monday morning while the rays of the just rising sun and the chillness of the foregone night from the waves of the sea were cuddling both of us from top and bottom respectively; we opened up our hearts. We spoke. Made our minds tie up to the feelings which we both were finding hard to keep hidden. Thus life became beautiful all of a sudden. I felt myself reinvented. I felt myself like that because i flushed out the all the thoughts of my life which I had never shared with anyone - yes! my dark and grey secrets. They were wonderful. At that moment I realized that there was some light falling on my soul. I searched for the source of the light and couldn't find it. Thus I closed my eyes and searched for it in my cache memory. Then I figured it out, I saw this. I was standing alone in the beach during the sunrise with the eyes glued to the golden clouds. They were beautiful. I loved them. Then i saw the reason for the change in me. The waves which hit us during the time were actually caressing my ailing heart and the love you showed to me was the sun's light shattering through the clouds; getting to me resulting in the 'Sunshine in my soul'.

Epilogue: I doubt whether I will spoil this too; because I am already on the verge of it.


NB: This post will be different from my regular posts in this blog. Usually what I do is I define my feelings through a single word and then build on it. Unfortunately the emotion which is coming to me right now is highly complicated, so I couldn't find a single word to define it. So here it goes, I have named it - Sunshine in my soul.

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