Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Up and Down Travel to Kanpur

After I finished college, it was my first travel to the North of India. The trip was awesome but I felt like sharing the up and down travel to everyone.

The travel up...
This was first time I had an adventurous journey alone to the north. I had to reach Delhi by 2pm and had my connection Shatabdhi by 4pm to Kanpur. Just like every other time my Train 'Kerala Express' got late by 2hrs when we crossed bhopal. I was confused what to do. Thus i managed to get down at Jhansi and decided to go via road to Kanpur. There began my adventure. New place, New people; I just canceled my ticket from Jhansi and went to the nearest bus stand in an autorikshaw. Just like they do to others I was forced and even threatened by many locals to hire a taxi from Jhansi to Kanpur (but i slipped through the crowd). Somehow I managed to enter a bus. Even they came inside the bus asking me to travel in a taxi. I got a friend sitting next to me. An ex-airforce man who helped me to know about the things happening around. To my surprise, an old man sat next to me with a fully loaded double barrel gun. Its like that it seems there. Everyone will be carrying a gun (it is a matter of self esteem rather than self protection for them). I had a tremendous journey through the villages of UP in an ordinary bus with the localite s. The journey was so nice that the bus got punctured twice and the second time I had to switch to another vehicles. On the way I saw a full village under water as it was flooding there. The kids were swimming across the water in filled tyre tubes. They were swimming towards there home when their parents sat across on the main road looking at their loved ones. The last visual I remember bout the journey was the writings on the second local bus I travelled. In the first line, it was written 'Dhoomrapan Mana Hai' meant 'No smoking' and the second line was 'Bhare hue bandookon ko mat lekar aayiye' which requested the passengers not to bring loaded guns into the bus.

I would post you about my return journey soon. That was a good experience as I got accidently into Patna-Delhi Rajadhani.

Sivaram Mony

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