Tuesday, October 25, 2011


adjectivenot needed a fourth Chicago airport is unnecessary.• more than is needed; excessive the police used unnecessary force.• (of a remark) not appropriate and likely to be offensive or impertinent
Its what everyone need...Contradictions are the most funny things in our life. We (at least the majority of us) love life, enjoyment, innocence of our friends, the aim which nature allows us to achieve & even the most wonderful colors around us in our daily lives. Now what is the point of contradiction in this is what might be running through everyone reading this article. I felt like writing about this while reading my copy of  'Immortals of Meluha'. The truth is that we love the things which comes to us because they are unnecessary for the persons whom we think actually possess those qualities.Consider a flower. We all love roses. Roses are the most erotic symbol which everyone posses when they are in love. Especially we love red roses. What we love in red roses is inarguably its color. Why are they red? This question can evoke a beautiful thought for us. Roses are red because they don't want to have red color in them. It absorbs all other colors from spectrum and gives out what it does not want to possess. When it reaches our eyes, it pleases us. We love it. So, is it rose so innocent to represent these feelings. This has to be sorted out. If our innersoles need very darker feelings and emotions, it absorbs everything related to that and gives out the darker ones for us. This is life. The same goes with enjoyment. We enjoy as we are very sad inside. The innocence of the friends around us are because that they don't want themselves to be innocent. This is the thought which we should lit up within ourselves.
Thus, everything is different. The good ones are the most bad ones and the bad ones are the most good ones. We make choices. When we tend to select the good, it means we are selecting the bad. We are selecting good because we are bad inside. Thus the needs meet the needy. Everything becomes balances. So are we in a society which needs a philosophical boost to understand the good from the bad.

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