Friday, March 16, 2012

Prostitute |ˈprästəˌt(y)oōt|

// a person who misuses their talents or who sacrifices their 
self-respect for the sake of personal or financial gain : careerist
Written on 15th March 2012 (Forget the posting date)

Browsing through the words from a story by Vaikom Muhammed Basheer ‘The Prostitute of the poor’, I was amazed to read the words he used to explain the prostitute. I saw the writer compare them to huts, houses, bungalow, forts, and palaces depending on the standards. How truthfull his comparisons were. Just like he standards he categorized them to the basic necessity of humans.

A random idea struck me when I sat back to think about the concept. Every big city has a very big circle of this community. This may even make us think how vital they are for a city to become very big. Just like ‘Bombay’, ‘Madras’, ‘Dilly’, ‘Calcutta’; the cities which had the biggest network comprising of these uncategorized business class has turned out to be the biggest cities of this country today. The world is running mad around me. It may be because these people let their tastes and interests to satisfy the thirst of these mad people that they enable themselves to thrive forward.


In a new city now. God’s grace, getting to speak their language. Meeting new – new people everyday. Suffering deep suffocation from opinion from some people. Loving the treatment from others. Staying in a room where I can hardly move around and stretch my body. I am letting the city prostitute with me. On the contrary I am using my talents. But to the term, I am sacrificing my self respect for the sake of personal & financial gain. I feel like I should hibernate. Just validly pointing the lines said to me by a professor whom I met while a train journey ‘A butterfly needs to be a cocoon for a long time before it can call itself so…’


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