Tuesday, April 8, 2014


 is the scent of rain on dry earth, or the scent of dust after rain

I have always wanted my writings to reflect my emotions. I have always tried in my expressions not to reflect my personal self but to give a shape to these emotions. Even if they form the inner self of the person in me I have always felt detached to them. I have never cried in situations I had to, never smiled in many of other occasions and it continues. How else could those happen if I 'were' not detached from these emotions. So this post is also about such a feeling to which I am detached but what subsided to me recently. Its like a 'PETRICHOR', the scent of dry earth which evolves around you while the first drops of water hits the earth as blessings from sky while the hot summer is at its peak. The highlight of this is, They only happen once in a year; that too for a short while and repeats every year. In my case this has now happened only once and I hope it wont next time. To state the fact... I don't want it to repeat. If so; am succumbing to the fight with the new me and old me.

When rain hits the earth, the dust particles rise from the floor. They spread to the atmosphere. The dust particles are just like the dust accumulated on our thoughts. When they rise themselves from the stacked or put away memories; they dance in the air bringing in old memories in form of visuals; right in front of my eyes. These memories are always mixed. They are either good or bad but they always have a tickling sensation among thoughts ;). Good side of the coin is that Summer rains come in summer; like how it is exactly meant to be to quench the suffering coz of the heat at least for sometime. So is also the emotion. It comes in the time when it is exactly supposed to. It came to me when I was getting deeply troubled in my mind regarding all things happening around me. It helped me relax and take out the stress from my life.

Last but not least. Before settling in to the depth; this emotion was completely gone from my mind. Just again like the summer rain. This is why I found this metaphor to relate the emotion too. No, If I say so it will be too much of cliched connection. I would say... This emotion is called Petrichor and I hope it never comes back like the summer rain every year. :). I don't want to relive the past even though it is relaxing.


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