Thursday, October 13, 2011


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the felonious taking of personal property from someone using force or the threat of force

Is it so?
Is just robbery means taking away of personal property from someone using force or threat? I never felt so. I love chasing things for a philosophical & psychological level. So robbery is a moment of change. Change of emotion with the robber can be like this, tensed to relieved. The change of emotion of the vic can be for sure, any emotion to tensed/shocked. Even from the feeling of Null Zero, it can lead to the final emotion. That is the power of robbery. The realization that, something which was yours 30sec before has gone into  a state of question whether it would ever some back you. This can be your wallet, phone, bag or even your loved ones.
Talking about the robbery of the loved ones is the most truth revealing fact that proves that every single person has got a disorder. I mean a psychological disorder. We all are prone to paranoia. It is true if we have someone very close. It becomes more true when we rely more on the person whom we love or care in our lives. The situation when this person is robbed from life can be with or without permission. When a brother miss his sister after the marriage it is because that he has allowed his brother-in-law to rob his sister from his life. This is a robbery with consent. Their are other kind of robbers and materials of interest who are robbed from an important person's life because they rob without permission and go without permission respectively. The most funny part of the latter section who actually gets robbed without permission are that, they end up one day in the sufferers shoes. They are highly prone to get brutally robbed that the people who had fell for their con would be given a chance to stand back and feel pity for them. Life is like that, everything is redundant and just like a boomerang.

We even have people in the world who are capable of high scale robbery which makes everyone adore them and have admiration towards them. Musicians steal emotions. Sportsmen have a high demand and rob your attention and anxiety. Some men even rob your hatred all for themselves but if we sit back and think who the biggest robber in the world is... We have an answer 'MOTHER'. It is the word which can rob all the emotions and feelings which a person having her blood and values running through his/her veins.

Sivaram Mony

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