Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have been obsessed with Krystoff Keislowsky and his thoughts for quite some time. It started with the tricolor trilogy by him (Blue,Red,White). After I read about it and watched it quite a few times, I started thinking why he was finding meanings in everything around us. When I started looking around for the answer I felt that everything has got a perfect subtext to it around us.

Among all the things around me I felt the most powerful to be the Wheel. So I thought I would blog about it. In general we know that wheel is a symbol of progress. It hugely helped us in developing our civilizations. Even the invention of wheel was proved that humans can think and move faster. Our grand fathers gave it a very vital importance. Now, even today everyone's life are depended on wheels. The national logo even has it embedded on it.
I feel that many people would have spent time thinking about the wheel in a psychological perspective. This same wheel can fit into every type of character. Your vehicle's wheel can be a hero when he takes you in time to your office even when you have got out of your house late. She can also be a bitch when she cheats you by running out of air on the way to some urgent meeting (official or unofficial). Wheels can also be like a mother. They can carry you wherever you want, she supports you like a pregnant mother. She can also take your life. The perfect example for this paradox is the train tyre. They can be both at the same time - the train tyre. They can carry the life on the top and meanwhile they can take life underneath. Only god can do that right. So is it an invention by humans which is so closer to god or even the god in itself. Under which sex do the tyre can be categorized? Male? Female? Transgender? I feel that they fit into everything. These are the images/characters which the wheels bring to us. Now try considering the wheel as a semiotic. I felt a different meaning for it.

Wheel can mean a cycle. It can be even meant to be moving on or else can it be a problem. Problems are like boomerang which comes back to the starting point. Even life becomes highly enjoyable like that. So wheel is the object which is around us, everywhere even on the toy in a Kid's hands to the flight running above our roofs and it has got a very different and infinite meanings.

Sivaram Mony

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