Sunday, October 9, 2011


a small character part in a play or movie, played by a distinguished actor or a celebrity 
[as adj. he played numerous cameo roles.

Have everyone of us have done a cameo?

This question might seem to be highly thought provoking. As per the basic industrial beliefs, cameo is a guest appearance done by a celebrity in a cinema or a theatre performance. If we think the other way around, we can understand that, cameo has an other meaning in our daily life. Each person around me is a subject for me. Even my loved ones. I don't do it intentionally but it happens like that. Usually cameos in the art of cinema and theatre, comes with a message or becomes a part of vital change in the story lines but in real life what can be called as cameo is a real question. We see many beggars around us. Many of them are frauds but others are there who are really affected and is into this 'profession'. If we have spend some time to help the real ones even unknowingly, just understand that we have played a cameo in their daily lives. It is just an example.
I met a schizophrenic guy during the last weeks while my discussion sessions with my screenwriter. We used to go out to a good spot to have some friendly chat and good tea. This guy was a tramp who wandered near the shop. He used to buy a tea, drink half of it and pour the other half to a small hole on the ground nearby, and chat with it. If you buy him an extra tea some day, you can say that you have played a cameo in his life. 
We too meet some people in our real life. I have met many situations inside the transport buses when I would have ran short of a 50 paisa for my ticket. In such situations many kind gentlemen have played their cameos in the story of my life. They would help me out by filling the change which I would not have. They might not be knowing that they are playing a very vital cameo in my life. Even many such cameos in our lives can be life changing ones. Everyone of us would have an experience where we would have met a person in our lives whom we have never seen in our entire life. These people would, give us some time from their life to share some good words with us. These words could be thoughts or advices which can seriously give us a point to start our think or a deviation for correcting our thoughts, which is very important.

Like that, everyones life is the perfect example of well casted cameos and unexpected entries. So many of the things around us and even in our stories not happen unexpectedly or made to happen unexpectedly. In life and in virtuality, we all are made to play a very important cameo in someone's life or the other. The thought is so love provoking. We have to love everyone around us and make others love us (for who really deserve that) because we never know in whose life we are going to play a cameo and who is going to play the cameo in our lives.

Sivaram Mony

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