Wednesday, September 28, 2011

cliché | ˈklēˌ sh ā |

a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought the old cliché “one man's meat is another man's poison.”

What we see & feel...
Cliche is the word which most of the film makers has to come across in their career. It is a word most of the film makers hate to hear about their works. Yet most of them repeat it without even the basic knowledge.
Yesterday I had a wonderful close encounter with the word Cliche. I wont be talking about the incident. I want to write down few words which I inferred about cliche when I sat back and thought about it in one if my breaks. Our life is the biggest cliche isn't it. We wake up everyday, do all the daily deeds, we eat, work, defecate, sleep and does this same cycle everyday. This remains the same till the end of our lives. This is the most interesting part. We never get bored by doing it daily. So why is it that the film lovers hate when it comes on celluloid. Its funny, because most of the critics say that the films which we do must be closer to lives. If so, then why do we think the other way when we analyze them. I feel that the above statement wont make sense for many of the readers. Thus I thought of a solid positive point for talking about cliches further own and I stuck up with the following.

Stereotyping is a common word which every media studies and ethics emphasize on avoiding. This might be because of the reason that stereotypes can always lead us to very worse cliches which everyone are tired of watching. Now consider the real life. The majority of people around us are inspired by these stereotypes. The only two section of society who actually act opposite to their general stereotypes are College Professors & Psychiatrists. Majority of Policemen, school teachers, house wives and all carry heavy impact of these stereotypes. That is the funny part, yet they don't like to be portrayed like that. The ethical heads still feel that stereotyping gives a lot of wrong information about society. I feel that stereotypes change the society (even they shape the society). So stereotypes should not be avoided, they should be used in a different way (a better way). This is because, the stereotypes are the gifted cliches.

My co-filmmakers always say that they hate cliches. They say that they need to make more realistic films. Yet many of them are to know that we are making films in a society where the difference between real life & cliches are lighter than a hairline.

Sivaram Mony

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