Saturday, October 1, 2011

Every action is a reaction...

This post is inspired by a phone call from my friend today. Just like all my other posts, I wont personally mention the person here. 99% of our talk was rubbish but in the latter portion the person made some sense. 

            "Every action is done because some previous action precedes it" the caller said. As I was not listening throughout the conversation as I hate being exposed to human artificial intelligence (this term is not related to computers but ourselves), at some point this sentence from the caller struck me. I dunno why, the sun shining right above me work some magic. I inferred a statement 'Every action is a reaction'. Actually this was the only sentence during the phone call which I said from my heart. Everything else was just act.

The reality is that, majority of the phone calls we do daily is just transmission of a junkyard of rubbish words. These phone calls make me highly vulnerable to act adversely on highly important call of the day. I do abide by TRAI. TRAI has limited the sending SMS to hundred per day. Its actually good. I feel that the government is actually asking our new generation to put a stop this rubbish and indulge in some productive time spending activity. It would at least do good for your family and in turn to your country. If everyone of us analyze the calls we do everyday, we can really understand. Among these phone calls people call us just for fun, job and even to wade away time. Some people even call to pass on their worries to our heads. Just imagine, even when people are hundreds of kilometers away we have to bear their burden. Some people who walk away from our lives at some points without our permission and for personal reasons, just walk back to our lives by pressing the green button. These mobile phones, they actually provide keys to other person's life without their consent. Its really funny.
The quality lies in bifurcating, filtering and sorting out the necessary from the unnecessary. While I was talking to the caller today, I felt that I was wasting my precious time. I could actually point out that I was wasting my time under the sun. So I have decided to put a filter, actually I have found a filter to put a stop to these unnecessary exchange of words without hurting the caller. This is how Dr. Martin Cooper would have wanted every user to use the mobile phone when he invented it. We need to sit back and think before this gadget and the companies offering free calls and messages creates a worthless mankind. 

You too will have to find a filter for these rubbish phone calls. If you are worried about the other person at the other end whom you find worthless talking to, just keep this quote running in your mind,"They wont change. Their minds have been plagued by some selfish network service and they have got used to shower their feelings for satisfaction and peace of mind over the cell phone. So, do not worry they will find someone for time sake and again walk into your life someday by pressing that green call button."

Sivaram Mony

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